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Upcoming and Latest

  • 31/Dec/2017: Ponnolir Bharatam & Bhakta Sakha Vitthala

    Nrithyodaya Mumbai at the Chennai Season on 31st December, 2017 & 1st January, 2018.




  • 12/Nov/2017: Theory and Practice of Bharatnatyam Workshop

    Informative and Interactive Sessions with eminent Gurus, Guru Dr. Smt. Jayashree Rajagopalan, Guru Smt. Jayashree Nair and Guru Smt. Padmini Radhakrishnan. Regitration Fee for the Workshop: Rs. 500 (Includes Lunch/Tea/ Coffee Participation Certificates will be provided.


    The Fine Arts Cultural Center, Fine Arts Chowk, R.C. Marg, Chembur, Mubai 400071


    10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  • 28/Jul/2017: Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

    Nrithyodaya, Mumbai participates in the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations (75 years) of Nrithyodaya, Chennai



    6:00 p.m.

  • 22/Jul/2017: India International Dance Festival (IIDF)

    Aishwarya Harish, staff and cultural co-ordinator of Nrithyodaya,Mumbai will perform at the India International Dance Festival (IIDF)


    Bhubaneshwar, Orissa


    6:30 p.m.


  • 01/Jun/2017: A Hundred Years of "Nrithya Bharateeyam"

    A two Dar National Seminar organized by Indian Council of Historical Research, Southern Regional Center, Bengaluru in collaboration with Bharata-Illango foundation for Asian Culture and C.P. Aiyar Institute of Indological Research

  • 18/Nov/2016: Manikya Mahotsav Grand Finale

    Celebrating the 40 glorious years through Margapradarshana - Encapsulating the Natyotpati of the Natyasastra and Gangaavataranam - a Nritya Natika on the Descent of the Ganges. There will be the presentation of the Sanmaargadarshi Sammaan being conferred upon Dr. K.D. Tripathi, Varanasi and Dr. Kanak Rele, Mumbai, for their contribution of bringing our cultural heritage into mainstream education.

  • 04/Sep/2016: Dvandva Festival

    The Power of a Pair, "Nayaka and Nayika" by Saswat Joshi & Mahasweta Das, Odissi (Bhuvaneshwar), Kumar Sharma & Anasua Chowdhury, Kathak (Mumbai) and Sachchidanand Narayankar & Poorva Saraswat, Bharatanatyam (Mumbai)

  • 29/Aug/2016: Marga Prayoga Shibir

    Revisiting and enhancing the basics of Bharatanatyam

  • 28/Aug/2016: Thillana and Tarana

    Performences by finest Disciples of Revered Gurus from Pune and Mumbai

  • 31/Jul/2016: Lecture Demonstration & Workshop on Sattriya dance style

    As part of its Maanikya Mahotsava, Nrithyodaya, Mumbai is organising a Lecture Demonstration & Workshop on Sattriya - The Classical dance of Assam by Smt. Prateesha Suresh, The Sattriya exponent of Pratishruti Foundation.

  • 25/Jun/2016: Aanandaanubhavam

    Presenting “Aanandaanubhavam” – bliss of dance, for Udayan group.

  • 16/Jun/2016: Vaishnava Saint Ramanujacharya

    Celebrating the 1000th year of Vaishnava Saint Ramanujacharya through a Bharata Nrityam presentation

  • 23/May/2016: Children’s Workshop - India Explorers

    As Part of Maanikya Mahotsava, organized children’s workshopIndia Explorers – a cultural journey througIndiaA

  • 02/May/2016: 2nd May to 6th May – Nrithyodaya organised a Children’s Workshop

    on Dashavatara as a part of Maanikya Mahotsava celebrations

  • 30/Apr/2016: Nrithyodaya’s performance on the occasion of International Dance Day

    Organised by Marico Evenings & Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India (ABHAI), Mumbai Shakha

  • 25/Apr/2016: Students of Nrithyodaya, Mumbai performed for the Merlin Award function

    Shri Subhash Dagadkhair, Police Inspector, Mumbai

  • 24/Apr/2016: Lecture demonstrartion on the influence of Flora & Fauna

    Nritta Karanas of the Natyashastra as a part of Mudra Festival organised by National Center of Performing Arts

  • 23/Apr/2016: Ponnolir Bharatam

    A thematic presentation on the compositions of the great Tamil poet Subramanya Bharati, organised by Music Triangle

  • 16/Apr/2016: Maanikya Mahotsava_Balkala Utsav, Mahavir Janma Abhishek Nritya Natika

    A dance ballet depicting the stories related to the birth of the great Tirthankara by young dancers of Nrithyodaya

  • 27/Mar/2016: Ramanatakam

  • 20/Mar/2016: Lecture Demonstration on Synergy of Nada & Nritya

    by P.S. Krishnamurthy & Dr. Jayashree Rajagopalan

  • 13/Mar/2016: Bhakta Sakha Vitthala

  • 06/Mar/2016: 6t & 7th Mrch – Natyanjali tour of Chidambaram

  • 28/Feb/2016: Yoga – A Holistic training for dancers

    Workshop conducted by Prof. Shyamala Prasad

  • 12/Feb/2016: Lecture Demonstration on "My Journey through Dance" by Dr Jayashree Rajagopalan

    Director of Nrithyodaya, Mumbai at the Kalanjiam Event of Stella Maris Alumni Association

  • 09/Feb/2016: Performed for the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Central Labour Institue

  • 29/Jan/2016: Performed Bhakta Sakha Vitthala for the Micro Soft Summit

    (Academic Research for Digital India) at Infosys, Pune.

  • 23/Jan/2016: Screening of archival films on renowned dancers followed by discussion

  • 20/Jan/2016: 20th Jan to 25th Jan – Three staff members of Nrithyodaya

    Aishwarya, Savita & Prapti undertook training in the Chhau workshop under Guru Shashadhar Acharya

  • 17/Jan/2016: Students of Nrithyodaya, Mumbai attended the Masterclass under Guru Malavika Sarukkai

  • 02/Jan/2016: – Aishwarya Harish from Nrithyodaya

    presented Pritagaartha Marga in Bharata Nrityam style for Natya Kalavardhini Festival

  • 01/Jan/2016: Aishwarya Harish & Tanushree Vineet represented Nrithyodaya

  • 24/Dec/2015: Performed Kolattam in Bombay Gnanam’s Drama

  • 20/Dec/2015: Workshop on Make-Up Technique & Hair-Do

  • 12/Dec/2015: Aishwarya Harish from Nrithyodaya

    Performed for the Samsara Festival presented by Paavitra Arts Academy

  • 06/Dec/2015: Performed Bhakta Sakha Vitthala at Bhavan Cultural Centre

  • 23/Nov/2015: Maanikya Mahotsava_Dance Drama Festival

  • 01/Nov/2015: Vijaya Dasami

  • 25/Oct/2015: Aishwarya Harish performed for the Utsav

    The Young Artiste Festival organised by Takshashila Dance Academy

  • 29/Aug/2015: Performed Bhakta Sakha Vitthala on the occasion of Onam

  • 23/Aug/2015: Shakti - The Primordial Energy for Rasika Ranjani Sabha

  • 21/Jun/2015: “Krishnasya Daasosmyaham” A dance ballet on the Haridaasas of Karnataka

  • 25/May/2015: 6) 25th May to 31st May – The Dashavatara workshop for children, Kaleido Kid

  • 03/May/2015: Performed Descent of the Ganges for the International Dance Day

  • 05/Apr/2015: Ramanavami Festival_Asthika Samaj

  • 29/Mar/2015: 5) 29th Mar to 4th Apr – Ramayana Workshop for children, Edu Kids

  • 08/Mar/2015: Performed “Shakti – The Primordial Energy” for International Women’s Day

  • 17/Feb/2015: Performed on the occasion of Mahashivaratri at Mandapeshwar Cave Temple

  • 14/Feb/2015: Performed Descent of the Ganges for Natyanjali Shanmukhapriya Tiruchembur

  • 01/Feb/2015: Performed Descent of the Ganges for the 17th Global Actuaries Conference

  • 06/May/2012: "Chandalika"

    Nrithyodaya, The Academy of Performing Arts, Mumbai, in commemoration of the 150th year of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, cordially invites you for Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's 'Chandalika' - a hindi adaption.

  • 24/Mar/2012: "The Artistic Vision of the Chola Kings" & "Ritu-Ranjan"

    A song and dance evening on Saturday....every season has a mood and hence a 'raag' in classical music. We are making an attempt to present the same through music & dance....hope to see you at the venue...

  • 05/Aug/2010: International Dance Alliance (IDA)

    Dr. Jayashree performs 'Sakkubai'.

  • 20/May/2010: 'Bhakta Sakha Vitthala' at the Bhagavatamela Festival at Melattur

  • 29/Apr/2010: Laasya's Dance Festival 'Yatra'

    Excerpts from 'Bhakta Sakha Vitthala'.

  • 17/Apr/2010: Tamil New Year celebrations

  • 10/Feb/2010: Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai

    Dr. Jayashree Rajagopalan and artistes of Nrithyodaya, Mumbai perform at the 12th KGAF

  • 02/Feb/2010: 2nd Feb., 3rd Feb., 2010 - "Bhakta Sakha Vitthala" in Pune & Satara

  • 22/Jan/2010: 22nd Jan., 2010 & 28th Jan., 2010 - Mumbai Saptarang 2010

  • 07/Jan/2010: "Bhakta Sakha Vitthala" in Chennai

  • 05/Dec/2009: Bharata Nritya Arangetram of Kumari Shrilakshmi R. Siva


    Dr. Jayashree Rajagopalan was honoured with the Rotary International's "VOCATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD' by the Rotary Club of Deonar by the Rotarian President Ms. Shobhana Iyer, in recognition of her worthy contribution in the field of Indian dance, particularly the Marga Technique of Natya Sastra and its relationship with World Dance.

  • 19/Sep/2009: Navratri Festival at Bhajana Samaj, Matunga

    Students of Nrithyodaya are performing for the Navratri Festival

  • 29/Aug/2009: 29th and 30th of August, 2009

    Workshop on "Understanding the Marga Technique of Natya Sastra" - Prathama Vibhaga on 29- 30, Aug., 2009.

  • 08/Mar/2009: Felicitation of Dr. Jayashree Rajagopalan

    Students of Nrithyodaya, Mumbai in association with Bombay Tamil Sangam felicitate Dr. Jayashree Rajagopalan on her being awarded a doctorate on “Aharya Abhinaya - A study” (based on Natya Sastra) by The University of Mumbai.

  • 01/Jan/2007: Rhythm in Indian Dance and Music

    a two day seminar, supported by the Dept. of Culture, Government of India, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

  • 01/Jan/2005: 2005-2009 - Bhakta Sakha Vittala

    We have had various performances of "Bhakta Sakha Vittala" in the past 4 years at various places.

  • 01/Jan/2001: Rajata Mahotsav

    A 3-day silver jubilee celebration of lecture demonstrations and concerts, in Mumbai.

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